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When you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression sometimes it's hard to see a way forward by yourself. I work with you to help you through the dark times and in manageable steps set by you, we go forward together and get you to where you want to be. Most people have in between 8-12 sessions.


Relief from IBS symptoms

It is now widely recognised that stress is a major factor in Irritable Bowel Syndrome. When the brain is stressed, it shuts down communication to the digestive system, triggering IBS symptoms of pain and discomfort. By explaining to you how to reduce stress, you will find that your symptoms will improve. I see most people for between 8-12 sessions.



Whether it's a fear of needles, spiders, clowns, flying or any everyday item, having a phobia can really impact your life. Using a tried and tested method I can help you to resolve your phobia. After the initial consultation it takes only 3 sessions.

Other benefits


Stopping smoking

The health implications of smoking have been well documented over the past few years. If you are ready to stop now, hypnotherapy can help you in just 1 extended session. Hypnotherapy has the most successful rate of conversions to non-smokers.

Pain management

Knowing how the brain receives pain messages can help you understand and control your pain. Learn how to reduce your pain and start to live once more.

Weight management

Rarely does someone have just a true weight problem. The weight gain or loss is often a symptom of an underlying  problem. Comfort eating? Stress eating? I'll explain how the brain controls your eating habits.


Any addiction is often the result of a situation that you are trying to avoid. Hypnotherapy can help you visualise a life without your addiction and help you get there.


 I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline. She has a very professional and ethical approach
My sessions with her have been very positive and I always leave with a sense of calm, wellbeing and enthusiasm to address negative issues. I am sure you will not be disappointed. 


  Anyone thinking about hypnotherapy, don’t hesitate to contact Caroline, she’s very professional and I recommend her totally.